Former and current Malaikha kids

Is the shiest in her group. She is a delightful 10 year old girl who is completely blind. She started School in 2020 and is registered for Level 0.


Jackson was already at Malaikha boarding school when he was at least 3 years old. We are not sure about his exact age, since he does not have a birth certificate. He is not only blind, but very behind in his whole development, but also our little sunshine! Jacky loves being at school and does not like going home in the holidays where he just gets neglected. Often he comes back to school after the holidays without proper clothes or shoes, so we always buy and keep extra sets for him at school.


Charles was born in 2005. He lives with his parents and three siblings close to Malaikha. A therapy against his strabismus, which was affecting his vision a lot, was already very successful. Although he can see pretty well by now, he still wanted to stay at Malaikha finishing his Grade 7 from here.


Oliness was born in 2010. She is an Albino. She started Malaikha Preschool class when she was just three years old. She loves Science and her best friend is Patricia.


Junior was born 2007. He is an albino who got rejected by his mother when he was born. His father is taking care of him. He is a very active boy who loves playing outdoors the whole day.


Patricia was born 2007. She is almost blind. Patricia has 8 siblings and at Malaikha you will never find her without her best friend Oliness.


Frankie was born 2007. He has 5 siblings. He is blind. In August 2016 doctors removed both his eyes to prevent his permanently occurring infections. Frank loves school and playing with cars.


Enia was born in 2000. Since birth she is HIV positive. She is visually impaired and has problems hearing as well. In 2015 she passed the Grade 7 exams already at Malaikha but still stayed for further education.


Sooka was born in 2001. He is a very fast learner who already passed his Grade 7 exams at Malaikha in 2015, although he only joined us in 2011 and never went to school before. In 2016, doctors has removed both his eyes to prevent further infections and he got artificial eyes.


Dalitso was born in 2001. He is an albino. In 2015 he passed the Grade 7 exams already at Malaikha but still stayed for further education. As school headboy he likes taking care of the younger kids.


Sililo was born in 2001. He turned blind because of cancer. He is a great musician. Although he is a quick and eager learner, his parents obviously don`t think it is important that he attends proper schooling, that is why he misses out a lot.


Benford was born in 2000. He attended a local school before, where he failed every test and never learned how to read and write up to Grade 3, simply because he could not see what was going on in class. He wrote Grade 7 exams in 2015 and stayed at Malaikha for further education.


Milias, called Mimi, came to Malaikha in January 2017. Although already 11 years old, he, who is visually impaired and suffers from Down Syndrom, never attended any school before. Mimi is always happy and friendly and loves dancing and beards.


Nancy was born 1983. She turned blind when she was 6 months old because of Small Pox. She never went to school. In her village she got raped several times, that is why she has children on her own. Nancy attended Malaikha for some years and now returned to be with the family still being in touch attending our adult classes.


Odia was born 2002. She wrote her Grade 7 Exams at Malaikha in 2015 and still stayed with us for almost a year until we had to expel her because of very bad behavior. 


Eneless was born in 2006. She was at Malaikha for some years but is now going to school in Mazabuka town,


Our smart Zimbabwean boy Obvious was with Malaikha for almost 2 years. He then, in 2016, passed his Grade 7 exams even in Tonga. Now former volunteers are trying to sponsor him to attend highschool in South Africa.


Innocent was born in 1991. He was already 20 years old when he started Malaikha. In 2015 he passed his Grade 7 exams and he is now attending a highschool in Mongu.


Mapenzi was born in 2004. She is blind since birth. in 2015, Mapenzi passed her Grade 7 exams at Malaikha and she is now attending highschool in Monze.


Jane was born in 1997. She is visually impaired and suffers from epilepsy. One seizure left her half paralyzed.  Jane left Malaikha in 2015 after falling pregnant during the holidays.


Beene was born in 1988. She has three children on her own. She turned blind when she was in Grade 6. She was at Malaikha for some time, but she did not show so much interest in learning hard to finish school.


Gift was born in 1992. Because of an accident he turned deaf and later blind. He was at Malaikha for some years and we tried to help him especially with medical appointments trying to figure out the actual reasons for his condition. His family made the cooperation difficult by only believing that witchcraft is the cause for his deaf- and blindness and also by incidents like the father spending his transport money to go to school or hospital on alcohol.


Caro was born in 2000. She is visually impaired and deaf. Unfortunately her parents don`t think it is important for her to attend a school. She is no longer with us now, but even before her attendance was very poor. 


Hilary was born in 1996. He turned almost blind because of an eye infection. His parents died of Aids and he is HIV positive himself. He was at Malaikha for some time, until his grandmother in Mazabuka decided that he should move to Choma to his aunt where he is attending school now.