Volunteering at Malaikha

We can proudly say that we had already volunteers from all over the world like Austria, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Portugal, England, Spain, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Hungary, Denmark, Canada, the US, Brazil, India, Australia, China and Japan.


Volunteering at Malaikha is a special experience in an area, where usually no tourist will pass by. It takes some time to adapt to the lifestyle in the rural area. We do get our water from a handpump mostly and we only have limited power.  Life can be slow, but also hectic because things do not always go according to plans. 


Our volunteers stay at the school for free, either in the hostel or one of the workers accommodations. They are welcome to eat together with the children typical Zambian food.  


There is a clinic close to Malaikha and more clinics and hospitals in town. Volunteers are welcome to go to town anytime to do their shopping or to visit the internet cafe, because at Malaikha we do not have internet.


We can actually accommodate volunteers anytime, but in April, August and December we have holidays, so it is usually a boring time to volunteer with most of the kids being out. However, there is still always enough to do.


As a volunteer you can help in lots of different fields, depending on your abilities and experiences. We had volunteers who loved teaching, some who preferred building furniture with the workers, some who did gardening and field work, some who likes cooking for the kids etc... There is always enough to do and every help is appreciated.


Please be advised that actually as a volunteer in Zambia you have to obtain a Temporary Work permit.


If you are interested in volunteering, just get in touch!