Barbara is the founder of Malaikha. She holds a diploma in Special education and a specialized diploma for teaching blind and visually impaired children. She is happily married to Cosmas since 2012. Cosmas is the Director of Malaikha. He is also a well-known musician in Zambia.

Joe is a Project manager at Malaikha. He has special training in agriculture is currently overseas farming projects at Malaikha which supply food for the school as well selling the excess in order to raise funds for the running of th school. Joe stays at Malaikha.

Azion is one of the teachers at Malaikha school. He has been working for Malaikha since 2013. He lives with his family at the school. 

Mutinta is since 2019 working as a house keeper for Malaikha. She stays at the school.

Clara is the school administrator. She takes care of daily life at Malaikha. Her primary role is to ensure that all of the staff and volunteers operation efficiently to meet needs of the school children. She has been working for the organisation since 2011 and stays with her family in the village close to Malaikha.

Being almost 70 years of age, Pink Rose is the oldest worker at Malaikha. She is the school cook and has been working for Malaikha since 2011. She lives with her little grandson Louni at on site. Her late husband, whom was blind, used to work for Malaikha.

Autrine is one of the teachers at Malaikha school. She joined the school in 2017. She comes from the nearby town of Mazabuka

Malaikha has had several general workers and volunteers who help with the running of Malaikha as volunteers from with within and outside Zambia.

NB: We are currently not taking any volunteers due to health concerns related to the COVID-19 PANDEMIC!